We’re Going Live With Fire Nights! 
 We are leveling UP 
Get READY for a night of impartation and revelation through
prophecy, healing, and deliverance through the power of the Holy Spirit!
We are making alters out of our hearts posture! 
FIRE NIGHTS is birthed out of the necessity to build the K1U movement purely from the place of seeking the face of God. There is a cry from many that are looking and seeking authentic ‘JESUS’ encounters and realize that apart from him we CAN do nothing.
This world and nation has been shaken to its core and ALL of its systems have been brought to a halt. The kingdom of heaven is waiting to come to earth. ITS time for Glory. His Presence. For FRESH Fire in Jesus name! You can’t fabricate the FIRE!
Click Here Every 2nd and 4th Saturday @7pm on Facebook Live: Join Fire Nights 

Join Us Every Tuesday @7pm and Log-on for
Online Bible Study!
Gods transformation power is activated as we seek the his word! 
Faith comes by hearing and hearing the WORD OF GOD.
The purpose of Gods word is so our entire life is built on a firm foundation of biblical truths and beliefs in Christ Jesus and growing our faith through the knowledge and understanding of the scriptures! The Bible is a powerful source used to unpack and reveal the mind, movements and wisdom of God to equip faith believers for maximum impact on the earth and reclaim the world for the glory of God!
Click here every Tuesday @7pm on Zoom to be apart: Online Bible Study
Meet us at: 3933 WD Judge Dr.
on the premises of
Hal Marston Community Center
Every Monday, starting at 11pm.
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This idea is birthed for this moment. While we understand the seriousness of social distancing, Holy Spirit is inspiring and challenging us to Think Outside the Box/Building, while always seeking his presence. So we are going to find him UNDER THE PAVILION! We are asking that you join us, as we also desire to give out care packets after we pray and worship together. You can help us develop the care packets by clicking the yellow GIVE button at the top of the website.
Attention: Due to the current events surrounding the corona virus (covid-19), we as a body of believers are prioritizing everyones safety. We are committed to the spiritual and natural health of every individual we minister to and with. We do look forward to gathering together once again in the permissible future.