Radical motivator, unbridled speaker, destiny accelerator, are some of the unique titles that has shaped this dynamic  teacher-preacher into the man, husband and father he is today, with no signs of slowing down!
       Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Queens, NY, this now Floridian is the only son to Bishop Kingsford Bloomfield and Evangelist Janette Bloomfield. Growing up as a PK (pastor’s kid) Pastor King learned the necessities of a strong prayer life, worship without restraints and the hunger for the word of God are as vital as air; just as the holy spirit is vital for a healthy christian lifestyle. The founder of Kingdom First United, Kingsford Bloomfield, has been blessed with many gifts, such as, being a multi-instrument musician, a singer-songwriter, eloquent orator to teach and preach, a businessman and an author.
Even still, eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of man, is the promise that is written over Apostle’s life, as he travels uncharted waters with his wife, Candice Bloomfield, and their 7 children, with the destination being the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Uniting fellow ministries and building new ones along the way, God has placed a passion to break the chains of religion that has kept the church separate from each other and stuck in the monotony of the past for far too long.  
With ‘wisdom is the principle thing’ being his motto and hearts cry, Pastor Kingsford has asked for the wisdom of King Solomon, a heart that’s after God, as King David and just like Jesus Christ, have a life that is filled with
doing the will of the one who sent him!
Love God. Love People. The greatest commandment to live by has created this well-rounded woman of God who is about to take the world by storm.
Pastor Candice is the wife of the founder of Kingdom First United, Pastor Kingsford Bloomfield, and the mother of their 7 children! Even with the responsibilities of family life, God hasn’t held back with the gifts that he has given her. To name a few, Candice is a psalmist, a songwriter, a prophet, a preacher, a teacher, as well as an evangelist, with the passion to blog and write books. 
Growing up in Brooklyn, New York has given her an edge and realness that makes her authenticity unique in her delivery, while also having the warmth and compassion that eases those whom God has called her to minister to. Raised by God-fearing parents, Pastor Joseph and Lady Barbara Robinson instilled in her the passion to worship God with all her heart, mind and soul, with the importance of also loving people the right way. 
Led by the Holy spirit, and her anointed husband, she has now taken this journey of pastorship in Orlando, FL as being the home base. Called to challenge the hearts of the body of Christ to draw closer to the Father, and to the ministry of deliverance, Pastor Candice Bloomfield is ready to embrace this NEW THING!