Pastors Kingsford & Candice Bloomfield
The Holy Spirit has placed in the hearts of Kingsford and Candice the vital importance and urgent need for UNITY in the body of Christ. Reaching out for those who are wanting to connect, this couple is on fire with a passion that ignites their assignment to partner with ministries. Understanding fully, that God has created and given each of them (including you) an identity to fulfill purpose; a beautiful biblical truth still rings out…
We were never meant to do this alone.
(1 Corinthians 12;12-31) 
Driven by destiny, The power of fellowship has focused their calling to plant churches as well as revitalize pre-exisiting churches! God has sent them out to UNITE and build his KINGDOM 1ST!! 


Not Your Typical Church Fellowship!

Kingdom First is a church fellowship built on the belief that strong churches build strong communities, which then build strong cities. Our focus is not only on church planting, but also church revitalization and restoration.
Our goal is to make sure that any church or ministry that wants to take this journey with us is a healthy, thriving, relevant, spirit led, Kingdom focused house of hope, grace, the word, and his love