About Us

Strong focus  is placed not just on Sunday services, midweek services and small groups but also on the implementation and streamlining of administrative process, community engagement, and leadership development.
We know that every church is a reflection of its leader. That’s why developing strong, connected and confident leaders is paramount to our purpose as a fellowship!
Planting strong Kingdom minded churches is one important goal for us as we recognize that the quickest and most efficient way to introduce Christ and his Kingdom to the world is through the local church.
Rebuilding, relaunching, and revitalizing existing ministries and churches is a major focus for us. We desire to see every church become, and remain a vibrant, relevant, life giving, and life transforming house of worship, growth, and discipleship
We are a family of new churches, rebuilding churches, and existing churches who’s main purpose is to touch the world with the love of God!
 What Sets Us Apart?
The Land of the Creatives
Worship from the Root
Walk  in the Word
Praise is an expression! Our God given gifts are not only deep and fulfilling, but they are as diverse as the cultures that we were born into.
We don’t really give credit sometimes to the awesome imagination God has!
As a fellowship I want us to endeavor to break the chains of normalcy, when it comes to our expressions of praise to our God.
It doesn’t have to just be a song and a dance. It can be a painting or a sculpture, a play, video game, animated or short film, a blog, cooking, or just simply reciting scripture.
Whatever it is that moves you, use it to give God what he is due!
For too long, worship has been synonymous with just a slow song and moments of solemn silence (both are still amazing expressions!), but we as a fellowship believe in something we call worshiping from the “The Root”.
Everything in life has to draw from a source of power. From the organic to the inorganic, in order for it to live it must have a source
Our strongest connection to God is purely relational. We love him because he loves us. Our greatest form of communicating that connection is through worship.
Though it may have many faces the formula stays the same.
Spirit+ Truth= Real Worship
This is important to us because the only way to really worship through the spirit, and from an honest and real place, is that it has to come from the root of who you are.
Worship from “The Root” simply means to give God what he deserves from the core of who you are. He’s more than deserving
The Bible is our cornerstone.
It is our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and so much more.
What we endeavor to do is foster a healthy scholastic approach to the Word, that not only edifies and enriches, but stretches the mind and makes the words on those awesome pages come alive!
With a volume of books, letters, prophecies, poems and histories that have stood the test of time, culture, and society like our bible has, we think it only does it justice that we approach his inspired word with excitement and hunger!
We will partner with scholars and theologically sound teachers to build curriculum and classes that will help everyone to confidently read and understand his word with context and clarity
In the end our greatest issue as the Church is not sin. It is the lack of knowledge.