What We Are About

Strong focus is not just placed on Sunday and midweek services and small groups but also on community engagement, and leadership development. WE ARE TAKING THE KINGDOM EVERYWHERE.
We know that every church is a reflection of its leader. That’s why developing strong, connected and confident leaders is paramount to our purpose as a movement!
Making sure we are a strong kingdom minded church is one important goal for us as we recognize that the quickest and most efficient way to introduce Christ and his Kingdom to the world is through community.
Rebuilding, relaunching, and revitalizing people and the many ministries, gifts and callings they possess is a major focus for us. We desire to see Kingdom First become, and remain a vibrant, relevant, life giving, and life transforming house of worship, growth, and discipleship for everyone who calls us home!
We are a family of new believers, renewed believers, and existing believers who’s main purpose is to touch the world with the love of God!
 What Sets Us Apart: Our Culture 
The Land of the Creatives
Worship from the Root
Walk  in the Word